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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Polishguy Update

The Polishguy Podcast will not be on the air the next couple of the weeks because I am moving and will be without technology for at least the next week. I did want to give a couple opinions that some people have asked me recently.

1. Rogers Clemens Book- Not a story. Nothing has changed. Roger still denies use despite a lot of credible evidence. Wake me up when or if the Feds file charges against him.

2. Manny Ramirez- Also not a big story. He is just another slugger to fall. This does not change the era that has been defined and it does not change my opinion on the sport or the era at all. It is a bit disappointing. To those believing there is some good reason to take that drug other than mitigating the effects of a steroid cycle: Stop being delusional. For those who still hold reverence for numbers, almost all the top home run seasons are ruined. I don't, so I don't care.

3. Will LeBron stay? Wait for a podcast.

4. Does the NBA have the worst officiating? Yes.

5. Is the NHL playoffs better than the NBA playoffs? Yes, but no one watches in this country.

6. Model American of the Week: Anyone trying to discuss the expected rise or fall for an NFL team. I know many of you that do this are forced and I understand that, but what about the following idea: Tell the regular schmo's out there the facts for once and tell them that we have no idea and even taking things such as strength of schedule is useless.

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