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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hack and Polishguy- Hilarity Ensued


1. Tiger and Friends.

2. Chris Henry

3. Lee for Halladay

4. College Football

5. NFL Talk

6. NFL Draft Preview

7. Model American

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tiger Has Been Playing in the Rough

The best line I have seen so far... the Tiger has become a Cheetah.

1. Tiger Woods.

2. Quick Comments on the Bears.

3. College Football

4. Model American of the Week.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The PolishguyPodcast 11-17-09

1. Belichick.

2. How Bad are the Browns?

3. NFL Hypocrisy.

4. College Football Fallacy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Lebron Casino Theory

Anyone who lives in the Cleveland area and most people around the country that have not been living in a hole the last six years knows that Lebron James has incredible power in the community. Anyone who is alive in the last two years knows that the economy sucks. What some people may not realize is that it is possible that Lebron may not only be solely responsible for the answer of the question "If the Cleveland economy rebounds," but he may also determine when!
As part of the solution to the problems that the city has had in the past, um, 25 years, the voters in Ohio passed Issue 3 on Tuesday which will allow exactly one casino to be built in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and Toledo. Lebron is about to be a free agent in the summer of 2010 and the owner of the the Cavaliers is Dan Gilbert, who happens to own a large business that is responsible for various things in the gaming industry. His group will undoubtedly be behind any construction of a casino in Cleveland.
Gilbert would like plans for a casino to be approved as soon as possible. When will that likely be? The Summer of 2010. Can we also agree that people that approve such things in cities are not known to be the most outstanding human beings?
Where is this going? Well, Dan Gilbert will be blamed if Lebron happens to leave the city of Cleveland this summer even though he really has no say on whether he will leave or not. All the Cavaliers can do is offer the max contract allowed, which, due to the Larry Bird rule, is a year longer and 10% richer than any other team can offer. He can't do anything else. He cannot promote Cleveland as a city because it is crap now. All he can do is offer the contract.
If Lebron stays, everyone is happy. If he leaves, Gilbert will be blamed and we can be sure that the casino plans will start to see random road blocks in the development. I would guess that if Lebron leaves, it is possible that Cleveland will not see a supposed economy-saving casino for at least a year longer than if he signs with Cleveland. Therefore, Lebron has even more control over the city than anyone could have possibly imagined.

Monday, November 2, 2009


A fun weekend in Chicago featured the 10th anniversary of the death of my hero, Walter Payton. The podcast features takes on baseball replay, looks at the NBA season, a crappy day of football on Saturday and the size of Verne Lundquist.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Podcast Tackles Social Issues, But Mannings Rule NFL

Since the proclamation, I am only 14-14 in my NFL picks. Never tell the Vegas Line Gods that you are ahead of them.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Fallacies of College Football

I plan to touch on this in a podcast, but take a look at this response from a forum I am on. The argument beforehand was a long one involving the over-ranking of a college football power (Penn State) because of reputation, coach name and a cupcake early schedule.

The response:

This comment is not about any team in particular, because almost all of the traditional powers fall into this fallacy. All of the traditional powers tend to get over-ranked which can lend to the argument that you cannot take how teams were ranked at any one given time. It also can lend to the opposite argument because that person can say that everything ends up the same anyway in the sense that if two powers face each other early and both fall under the same fallacy, then you can use that data for an argument. (a 12 and 19 team facing each other is the same as a 32 and 39 team since there is 7 spots of difference, which of course assumes that the level of talent from 120 to 1 is linear, which...oh, never mind)

I do not think that there should be any polls at all for the first 8 weeks of the season. This good idea will not happen because the media and the public both love to argue about these numbers games that don't really have an answer.

Thirty years ago it was obvious what one, two or three teams were the best in the nation. The polls were okay. Then it became obvious that there were four to six candidates for the title every year and the BCS became necessary to satisfy the masses. Unfortunately, in just a short period of time (less than 15% of college football's total existence), it is now obvious most years that there are many candidates to be the best team in the land (This year is an anomaly where it seems there are only three). The nation is saturated with talent that has created a much more even playing field on a given Saturday, which is one of the reasons powers schedule cupcakes because many teams are not sure how many wins are even possible beyond the three easy ones.

A playoff is the answer to the question on how to make sure all of the candidates have their shot, but the powers who run this thing are scared of what will happen to their wallets; when they are just really scared of a big change like this. If the NFL had not learned from the AFL, we would not have the great product we have today. The profits for THE National Football League grow every year. The FBS can learn from the FCS. A playoff increases overall entertainment and probably will satisfy the masses more.

Of course, that is another fallacy because we may never see that the champion really is the best team in the nation. They will just be the team that put together 3 or 4 great games in a row or faced favorable matches for their strengths. Maybe that is the definition of a the best team. I don't know. Everyone has a different take on it.

Back to the polls. I think many good teams get overlooked because it is easy to rank teams by their name early in the season when the only research some pollsters do is see who has a good incoming freshman class. I think ranking of the teams after 8 weeks would give a better ranking of who is good. My fear is that the pollsters STILL would not watch the games and still back to their old ways; which is the whole problem in the first place.

An argument is only as good as the accuracy of the data given to the party in the debate and I think that the data with college football is inherently flawed. Of course, if the gray area did not exist, there would be no arguments. The spirit of the debate creates a lot of fun. That is fine because the whole goal of this thing is good entertainment.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Polishguy Propels Lions to Win, Goes 12-4 in Picks

The Detroit Lions Urinal Game of the Week has now been renamed the Washington Redskins Urinal Game of the Week due to the Lions win on Sunday. Voting came down to the 'Skins and the Browns, but Polishguy Headquarters (me) decided that losing to a team that had not won since 2007 deserved reocignition more. No one really is really sure if the Browns are still in the league. To paraphrase Major League, "Yeah, they have uniforms and everything."

Here are the Polishguy Picks of the Week. This season, I am 31-17 so far with a 12-4 week last week. This information is from my Pick 'em entry at

at Chicago Bears (2-1) -10.5 Detroit Lions (1-2):PICK: Lions. They always play the Bears close. Calvin Johnson will give the Bears D fits for about 8 years.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) -5.5 at Cleveland Browns (0-3) PICK: Bengals. The Browns are planning to all go on the same plane this time. So they have that going for them.

at Indianapolis Colts (3-0) -8.5 Seattle Seahawks (1-2) PICK: Colts. Somehow Manning has taken it to even another level. He might be the best all-time when he is done. 'Hawks are still banged up.

New York Giants (3-0)-9.5 at Kansas City Chiefs (0-3) PICK: Giants. The G-men are just really good. The Chiefs have, um, Scott Pioli. Oh wait, no one who leaves the Patriots continues success.

at Washington Redskins (1-2) -7.5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) PICK: Bucs. Congrats to the 'Skins. They are actually a part of the first Wasington Redskins Urinal Game of the Week. How many no shows at the stadium for this one? Someone should tell Jason Campbell that he is not Doug Williams and does not have Timmy Smith or his cocaine behind him.

Tennessee Titans (0-3) -2.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) PICK: Titans. If the Broncos are the worst 3-0 team ever, then the Titans are the best 3-0 team ever, right? I'm not sure the Titans have a quarterback anymore. I think last season was Kerry's last hurrah.

at Houston Texans (1-2) -9.5 Oakland Raiders (1-2) PICK: Houston. My darling and everyone's darling the Texans have not shown much yet at all. Good thing they play the worst #1 draft pick ever this side of Ryan Leaf. We are one whine to reporters away from a full-fledged imitation.

at New England Patriots (2-1) -2.5 Baltimore Ravens (3-0) PICK: Ravens. The Ravens with an offense is just plain scary, but they have not exactly faced the best of the best defenses so far. The Sweat-Shirted one can always scheme, so this one is a good test. I think they will pass it.

at New Orleans Saints (3-0) -6.5 New York Jets (3-0) PICK: Saints. I changed this one when I found out the Jets would be missing two corners. A team forced to blitz (NY) plus a team who throws the screen so well (NO) plus a QB who is Manning-esque in his mastery of an offense equals "cover."

Buffalo Bills (1-2) -1.5 at Miami Dolphins (0-3) PICK: Bills. The Dolphins called me in for a QB tryout this week. My contract demands were too high for Tuna, though. Even the crappy Bills with a crappy coach can beat a team without a QB. I am calling for the Dolphins to bring back my beloved T-Formation.

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) -3.5 at Denver Broncos (3-0) PICK: Dallas. This is a total "I can't stand that team" pick. I think the Broncos look like a team that will keep itself in games, a lot like when Orton manned my Bears a couple years ago, but i can't pick them. I can't stand Josh McDaniels though I thank him very much for Jay Cutler every day.

at San Francisco 49ers (2-1) -10.5 St. Louis Rams (0-3) PICK: Niners. They have to win this one. I just hope that Samurai Mike does not get them too worked up for this one after that crap in Minnesota last week.

at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) -6.5 San Diego Chargers (2-1) PICK: San Diego. There are a lot of things wrong with both of these teams, but I really think that Rivers is slightly better than Big Ben. I'll go with Rivers. No team will run in this one, with exception of breaking a lucky big one.

Monday, Oct 5, 2009
at Minnesota Vikings (3-0) -3.5 Green Bay Packers (2-1) PICK: Pack. I think the Favre thing put me over the top as a fan. I really think that I dislike the Vikings more than the Packers. Plus the Bears need the Pack to win this one to turn this season into a quagmire in the NFC North. I mean, assuming the Bears beat the Lions.

Talk to you soon. Baseball Playoff preview coming soon.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Are the Ravens Super Bowl bound?

Is he really what is the Vikings key?
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2. It will tell you the download link with appear in 30 seconds. There will be a countdown where the same button was.
3. After 30 seconds, hit the download button again. You will get the "Open, Save, Cancel" options.


1. The Bears
2. The Vikings
3. Surprise Teams
4. Good Matchups
5. Vick
6. Jacksonville

Saturday, September 5, 2009


What Should Happen to This Thug?

Is Tebow the Answer?

Is he the Answer in Chicago??

Welcome to the marathon return of the PolishguyPodcast. We cover the world and summer of sports and entertainment. We have Hack on as the guest.

Part One
-The News
-The Mets
-Baseball Predictions Review
-Model American #1

Part Two
-College Football
-AFC Preview

Part Three
-NFC Preview
-NFL Playoff Predictions
-Model American #2

Here they are:

We have a new email:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Podcast Returneth

Whether you like it or not, the Podcast will return by the end of the month, in time for football season.

The Polishguy has been without internet for 3 months and cannot take it anymore.

Introducing the Polishguy email. Email me at

Email topics you would like to hear, because, you know, I'm lazy.

Expected topics:

By Aug 31:

1. Baseball predictions review.
2. My take on Vick.
3. My take on Fah-vray.

By Sept 7:

4. Football Fantasy Preview. (Probably a podcast of it's own).

By Sept 14:

5. Full Football Preview.

I hope you loyal few return and we can grow.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Polishguy Update

The Polishguy Podcast will not be on the air the next couple of the weeks because I am moving and will be without technology for at least the next week. I did want to give a couple opinions that some people have asked me recently.

1. Rogers Clemens Book- Not a story. Nothing has changed. Roger still denies use despite a lot of credible evidence. Wake me up when or if the Feds file charges against him.

2. Manny Ramirez- Also not a big story. He is just another slugger to fall. This does not change the era that has been defined and it does not change my opinion on the sport or the era at all. It is a bit disappointing. To those believing there is some good reason to take that drug other than mitigating the effects of a steroid cycle: Stop being delusional. For those who still hold reverence for numbers, almost all the top home run seasons are ruined. I don't, so I don't care.

3. Will LeBron stay? Wait for a podcast.

4. Does the NBA have the worst officiating? Yes.

5. Is the NHL playoffs better than the NBA playoffs? Yes, but no one watches in this country.

6. Model American of the Week: Anyone trying to discuss the expected rise or fall for an NFL team. I know many of you that do this are forced and I understand that, but what about the following idea: Tell the regular schmo's out there the facts for once and tell them that we have no idea and even taking things such as strength of schedule is useless.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Polishguy Podcast 5-1-09

Here are the topics for the latest installment:

I. Intro
II. NFL Draft Thoughts
III. NBA-Bulls, Celts, Officiating
IV. New A-Rod, more on Steroids, Pitch-tipping
V. General Baseball Stuff
VI. Model American of the Week

MP3 Link:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

PolishguyPodcast 4-18-09

The link is still imbedded in the title, but you may have to wait a bit for the file to download before you can listen. I may be changing hosting sites since the one I use has changed what it does. Unfortunately, they seem to have discontinued use of the handy, dandy one-click player.

Topics this week:
1. Early thoughts on the baseball season.
2. NFL Draft with Hack.
3. Model American of the Week.

MP3 Link:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PolishguyPodcast #4: 4-7-09

This week's topics:

1. Baseball Opening Day Thoughts
2. The NFL and DirecTV
3. Baseball's All-Star Game
4. Jay Cutler Deal, Talk with Blots (OUR SECOND GUEST!!)
5. Model American of the Week (with special guest Model American)

Mp3 Link:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Expected Topics This Week

I. Update on Travis Henry
II. NCAA Conference Tournaments
III. My Tourney Picks
IV. Jay Cutler Story
V. AL Baseball Preview (NL Next Week)
VI. Model American of the Week.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009


This is only a test. I will be posting notes and links for a podcast I intend to create.