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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Polishguy Propels Lions to Win, Goes 12-4 in Picks

The Detroit Lions Urinal Game of the Week has now been renamed the Washington Redskins Urinal Game of the Week due to the Lions win on Sunday. Voting came down to the 'Skins and the Browns, but Polishguy Headquarters (me) decided that losing to a team that had not won since 2007 deserved reocignition more. No one really is really sure if the Browns are still in the league. To paraphrase Major League, "Yeah, they have uniforms and everything."

Here are the Polishguy Picks of the Week. This season, I am 31-17 so far with a 12-4 week last week. This information is from my Pick 'em entry at

at Chicago Bears (2-1) -10.5 Detroit Lions (1-2):PICK: Lions. They always play the Bears close. Calvin Johnson will give the Bears D fits for about 8 years.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) -5.5 at Cleveland Browns (0-3) PICK: Bengals. The Browns are planning to all go on the same plane this time. So they have that going for them.

at Indianapolis Colts (3-0) -8.5 Seattle Seahawks (1-2) PICK: Colts. Somehow Manning has taken it to even another level. He might be the best all-time when he is done. 'Hawks are still banged up.

New York Giants (3-0)-9.5 at Kansas City Chiefs (0-3) PICK: Giants. The G-men are just really good. The Chiefs have, um, Scott Pioli. Oh wait, no one who leaves the Patriots continues success.

at Washington Redskins (1-2) -7.5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) PICK: Bucs. Congrats to the 'Skins. They are actually a part of the first Wasington Redskins Urinal Game of the Week. How many no shows at the stadium for this one? Someone should tell Jason Campbell that he is not Doug Williams and does not have Timmy Smith or his cocaine behind him.

Tennessee Titans (0-3) -2.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) PICK: Titans. If the Broncos are the worst 3-0 team ever, then the Titans are the best 3-0 team ever, right? I'm not sure the Titans have a quarterback anymore. I think last season was Kerry's last hurrah.

at Houston Texans (1-2) -9.5 Oakland Raiders (1-2) PICK: Houston. My darling and everyone's darling the Texans have not shown much yet at all. Good thing they play the worst #1 draft pick ever this side of Ryan Leaf. We are one whine to reporters away from a full-fledged imitation.

at New England Patriots (2-1) -2.5 Baltimore Ravens (3-0) PICK: Ravens. The Ravens with an offense is just plain scary, but they have not exactly faced the best of the best defenses so far. The Sweat-Shirted one can always scheme, so this one is a good test. I think they will pass it.

at New Orleans Saints (3-0) -6.5 New York Jets (3-0) PICK: Saints. I changed this one when I found out the Jets would be missing two corners. A team forced to blitz (NY) plus a team who throws the screen so well (NO) plus a QB who is Manning-esque in his mastery of an offense equals "cover."

Buffalo Bills (1-2) -1.5 at Miami Dolphins (0-3) PICK: Bills. The Dolphins called me in for a QB tryout this week. My contract demands were too high for Tuna, though. Even the crappy Bills with a crappy coach can beat a team without a QB. I am calling for the Dolphins to bring back my beloved T-Formation.

Dallas Cowboys (2-1) -3.5 at Denver Broncos (3-0) PICK: Dallas. This is a total "I can't stand that team" pick. I think the Broncos look like a team that will keep itself in games, a lot like when Orton manned my Bears a couple years ago, but i can't pick them. I can't stand Josh McDaniels though I thank him very much for Jay Cutler every day.

at San Francisco 49ers (2-1) -10.5 St. Louis Rams (0-3) PICK: Niners. They have to win this one. I just hope that Samurai Mike does not get them too worked up for this one after that crap in Minnesota last week.

at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2) -6.5 San Diego Chargers (2-1) PICK: San Diego. There are a lot of things wrong with both of these teams, but I really think that Rivers is slightly better than Big Ben. I'll go with Rivers. No team will run in this one, with exception of breaking a lucky big one.

Monday, Oct 5, 2009
at Minnesota Vikings (3-0) -3.5 Green Bay Packers (2-1) PICK: Pack. I think the Favre thing put me over the top as a fan. I really think that I dislike the Vikings more than the Packers. Plus the Bears need the Pack to win this one to turn this season into a quagmire in the NFC North. I mean, assuming the Bears beat the Lions.

Talk to you soon. Baseball Playoff preview coming soon.

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