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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


A great new site is out there and was created by Cris Collinsworth. The site is

This post was one of mine on there and has some comments on the new QBs in the NFL. Enjoy. Also, Podcast coming this weekend.

-#4: I think our friend from Notre Dame has the least chance to succeed. It is a weird situation with two QBS drafted by the team and it is a team in a bit of a transition and has a quarterback that was hot at the end of last season. I do not see how it is not Matt Moore's job to lose. That being said, Golden Jimmy ran an offense with some pro terminology and could be in the right situation if he is groomed to be a Jake Plummer-type. The ball control offense there may help and the play-action and roll-out could make it so that he only has to read half the field and make things easier. Having an athlete like Steve Smith come down with even your errant deep throws has got to help with confidence. Even though many do not like John Fox, I actually think he is not a bad coach at all.

-#3: Second-least to succeed is Sam Bradford. I don't care that he added 15 lbs. of muscle. I do care that he looks like he can make most of the throws and is accurate. One huge problem, though, is the surgeries and that shoulder. That shoulder makes me very scared. If his shoulder cannot take the hit from a college lineman that did not look too abnormal in terms of how he contacted the ground, how is it going to do with a really fast fat guy on it? Without the shoulder issues, I would have put him as most likely to succeed. I feel about him as I do about 1,000 carry college running backs. No sir, I don't like it. Damn, another thing I need to do research on is if there is any validity to that theory.

-#2: Anyway, on to Tebow. It is sad that I have to put the best H-back of the draft on the list as the #2 quarterback most likely to succeed. It is sad that I have to hear at least three more years of his name even if he busts. What isn't sad is the fact that he is a tireless worker and really has all those good things about him that we hear about. He has about the same chance of having a Big Ben moment as we have seeing the entire world population of women becoming completely sane at the same exact second. Maybe that's what the Mayans were really talking about. Anyway, because he is smart and blah blah blah; he has some chance to succeed, even at quarterback.

-#1: Colt McCoy has the best chance to succeed. Most throws have an air distance of 35 yards or less (I think) and I scoff at anything about how bad a guy's arm is until he actually plays in the league. If Charlie Frye can start as many games as he has in his career, then Colt McCoy can certainly get a chance. BTW, Charlie Frye is the answer to the question of "What do you get when a quarterback has everything you want except that his arm is a lot like Jim Miller's was when it was all torn up?" Chuck has what is known as a boomerang arm. Once the air flow catches it, it might come back. Colt McCoy has the best of the Best Case Scenarios which to learn from a veteran leader like Jake Delhomme and a veteran QB guy like Mike Holmgren. He even has a good to above-average line in front of him. He can sit out a year or two and get into the game when he actually knows the system. He could have a rise like Carson Palmer did. Now, if Delhomme has 10INT in 4 games to begin the year, all bets are off.

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